About Cindy


About your Reiki Master & Energy Medicine Practioner

Reiki Master, Cynthia Foss, is a Certified Usui & Nexus Reiki Practitioner. She draws symbols on you and your body (or in your Aura for hand’s-off Reiki) as a normal part of every treatment. These symbols are meant to create power and protection in your life. One treatment with the Usui Master Reiki symbol at the end will be drawn over you to relieve your greatest pain. Some people only have to receive the Master symbol once to be pain free forever.

Reiki Master, Received in month of October, year 2015.

Cynthia is a 2nd year student at The Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine, graduating in 2019. She has learned healing techniques to facilitate healing chronic illnesses like anxiety or fibromyalga, chakra balancing and removing blocked energies, soul expansions and emotional, mental balancing.

Cynthia’s healing treatments can help you connect to your life’s purpose. Th Life Purpose Healing with Soul Expansion is a wonderful treatment, ask Cindy for more details.